Berger Medium Rare (punkster144) wrote,
Berger Medium Rare


So today I started my 2nd internship. This one is now at the Aquarium of Niagara where I will be training Harbor Seals and Sea Lions. After working with dolphins for a few weeks this summer i thought i was ready to move on. But after the first 2 hrs of my internship i think i was ready to go back to the bahamas. The only reason being that they made it seem that these seals and sea lions are out to kill you. So i heard my fair share of horror stories today about bites that cause amputations and seals charging at you and knocking the wind out of you. So yeah...

But today was amazing I am so excited that i get to do this for 4 months rather than 2 weeks. The staff are really enthusiastic about my internship, which makes it a lot more exciting. Everyone there is really awesome and informative and extremely helpful. This is really going to be an amazing semester.Dolphin Encounters was an absolutely amazing starting block though. I learned so much from them and carry that information with me for this next internship. GAH! I am so excited.

I love sorting fish and scrubbing scum lines.
I'll write about it more later.... or in like 5 months since i update so often

ok bye.

ps those in the Buffalo greater Niagara Region feel free to visit me at the Aquarium Tuesdays, Thursdays or on the Weekend.
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